We Are All About Winter Workwear Across All Industries

About Workwear’s range of winter workwear, ensures you’re covered and protected from the icy elements this season. Regardless of how much cold-weather gear you have already, the best way to fight extreme cold is to implement a layering system. It’s a sure-fire way to stay warm. At About Workwear we’re going to show you the […]

Vernon Du Preez Agencies to About Workwear

From Vernon Du Preez Agencies to ABOUT WORKWEAR, this is our humble story where old meets new, merges together, and forms a story we are proud to tell. We are all ABOUT Family Our story began back in 1992 when Vernon established Vernon du Preez Agencies, which flourished into a successful business. In 2014 Vernon […]

In the Biz of Hi-Viz

Hi-viz, or high visibility clothing, is your go-to when you need to be seen!  Image in the workplace transcends fashionable corporate attire. It’s equally important to ensure that employees at every level are professionally decked out per the task at hand. Also, they look smart and they represent their companies professionally and with pride.  At […]