High-End Safety Footwear

High-end safety footwear is footwear that not only meets safety standards requirements but looks good too. There are fashionable boots and shoes available in shoe and clothing stores throughout South Africa and while they certainly do look good, they are totally impractical when it comes to protecting your feet in an industrial, construction or factory environment.

This is where we at ABOUT WORKWEAR step into the picture, as one of this country’s leading suppliers of branded workwear and sturdy footwear we have high-end safety footwear that not only  look and feel beautiful, but perform outstandingly at all levels.

In this article, we take the opportunity to give our potential (and current) customers some insight into high-end safety footwear in and introduce you to some products to see for yourself the quality brands we have on offer.

Is safety footwear a boring product?

No way, it now comes in many styles and some are quite formal, usually worn by supervising engineers who must-visit sites where protective footwear is mandatory. Interestingly, certain industrial brands that were previously renowned within the fashion industry have also since diversified into the safety footwear market. 

Take our Rebel Hi Top Boot, which comes in brown or black and is a safety boot with a trendy sneaker-styled design. Or if you prefer the sneaker look, check out the gorgeous Rebel Lo Top Shoe that is strong enough to do the job, yet so comfortable and practical at the same time.

Another stylish sneaker style safety shoe is the Rebel Dynapro which looks like a tennis shoe with its Flex-Mesh upper but has a 200J composite toe cap and is heat resistant up to 120 degree Celsius.

If you want more of a boot style, the Rebel Crazy Horse might just be up your alley. This premium slip-on work boot, offering maximum protection and style with a 200J steel toe cap. The boots offer toe bumpers for added scuff protection, heat resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius, steel midsole for anti-penetration and a high quality full grain Crazy Horse leather upper (suede finish). They provide excellent comfort with an ultra-thick memory foam platinum footbed and is available in three distinct colours; black, brown and, fashionable tan.

What is a safety boot/shoe?

A safety boot or shoe, also known as a steel-capped boot/shoe, is a durable boot or shoe that has a built-in protective reinforcement in the toe area (the toe cap) and is designed to provide maximum possible protection to the toes and foot of the wearer in varying ‘heavy duty’ work environments.

What is the purpose of a safety boot?

The reinforcement in the toe area protects the foot from falling objects or compression. Safety footwear is effective in keeping the feet of workers safe from sharp and heavy objects while working in construction, demolition, manufacturing as well as a variety of other industries. Although traditionally made of steel, the toe reinforcement can also sometimes be made of a composite material or aluminium.

Is safety footwear obligatory?

Occupational safety and health legislation or insurance requirements may demand the use of such boots in some settings, and may even require obligatory certification of such boots and the display of such certification directly on the boots. The markings on the boot label will indicate the national or international standards that the boot was intended to meet. It will identify the level of protection offered for impact, compression, penetration, and electric shock. Footwear for use in chemical processing or semiconductor manufacturing may also be rated to dissipate static electricity.

What safety standards apply?

Work boot safety standards require that personnel wear safety footwear at all times. Safety shoes or boots must have uppers built to rigid requirements, non-skid soles, oil resistance and impact, and a compression resistance rating of 75.

What is the difference between safety boots and safety shoes?

When distinguishing between safety boots and safety shoes it is essential to look closely at whether or not the footwear covers the ankles. Safety boots can come up to the middle of the calf but they must at least cover the ankles. Safety shoes look more like standard, everyday shoes and do not cover the ankles but also have reinforced toe caps.


In a nutshell, we are one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of branded workwear, uniforms, overalls, safety wear, corporate wear, promotional clothing and safety footwear.

The focus of our business is finding the right workwear solution for your business. We can find a solution for you that exactly meets your needs as well as your budget. Think of us as your one-stop-shop with friendly personal service and nationwide delivery.

We understand how important workplace safety is for both the employer and employee. Without the proper foot protection, the likelihood of injury increases dramatically, which is why choosing the correct safety footwear is so important and requires specialist knowledge, something we have in abundance and of which we are rightly very proud.

 We carry a wide range of top brands in safety footwear like Kaliber, Rebel, Bova, and so much more! We invite you to visit our website and see for yourself!

We are one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of branded workwear, footwear, uniforms, overalls, safety wear, corporate wear and promotional clothing.

We offer any type of corporate wear and workwear which we can personalise with low minimum order requirements and fast turn-around times! We give you an innovative and unrivaled practical approach to suit every budget and quantity.

We are passionate about finding the right workwear solution for your business. Be it safety wear, personal protective equipment, corporate uniforms, or overalls we can find a solution that fits your needs as well as your budget. We have a workwear solution for any type of business, and we have branding solutions for your unique brand. Think of us as your one stop shop with friendly personal service and nationwide delivery.